• PTFE: micronized premium PTFE both in powder and dispersed forms. For water-borne and solvent-borne applications.

•Waxes: different kinds of micronized waxes offered both in powder and dispersion.

• Special pigments: fluorescents, phosphorescents, thermochromics, photochromics, UV-Visible, IR-visible

• Resins: specific acrylic water-borne range for special printing and coating applications, especially in PVC, aluminum and glass.

• Organic and inorganic pigments

• Magnetic iron oxides pigments


• Inks: raw material for offset, liquid and Silk Screen inks

• Coatings: can/coil, industrial, wood, decorative and plastic coatings.

• Plastics: PTFE and additives for technopolymers and pigments for master-batches

• Security: pigments and waxes for anti-counterfeit purposes.

• Cosmetics: pigments and waxes for special, tactile and color effects