Established in 1988, Alichem P&C was created as a local distributor of Pigments and Waxes (P&C is an acronym of Pigmenti e Cere in Italian, meaning Pigments and Waxes) into the Italian and European, fine chemicals markets. Few years later, we’ve enlarged our portfolio through addition of water-borne resins. Since the very beginning of operations, Alichem industrial approach has been defined by a totally customer-based strategy. Basically, we initially proceed to a thorough comprehension of technical processes and needs our clients decide to share with us. In a second phase, we deliver consistent, industrially-actionable solutions and supply assistance in their implementation, following a lab-to-plant scheme. On the basis of the industrial distribution experience, in 2004 we installed an Italian manufacture start-up, having wax dispersions as core products. Thus aiming to guarantee an on-demand, skilled service to our customers.

Alichem motto our specialty’s your enhancement exactly tells how we point at interacting as a partner rather than a supplier. Delivering critical solutions to any diverse application, as our method.

ALICHEM offers

Research and development of new, innovative products

Affordable management of logistic chain

Professional handling and development of distribution network for international principles

Customer assistance in the implementation of products into production systems